What kind of workout is it?

Each boxer is taught the basic offensive and defensive skills first. As the skills improve the intensity of the workout increases. Each workout is fast paced, fun, and effective.


Is the program co-ed?



What ages are accepted into the program?

8 and up

What documents do I need to register?

Becoming a participant of Dyme Boxing & Fitness requires participants and their parent or guardian to read and provide consent by signing the following forms: 

  • Registration and Release of Liability 

  • Medical History  

  • Participant Agreement  

  • Parental Agreement  



Are the coaches certified?

Our coaches are certified by USA Boxing. They are  required to undergo a background check and successfully complete the USA Boxing certification.



What equipment will I need?

Upon becoming a member of Dyme Boxing & Fitness, you will receive the necessary euipment for boxing training. Additional equipment will be required for competitions at the expense of the boxer.


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