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At Dyme, we are a community of individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels. We focus on training champions, whether you're here for a workout or to win a champion belt. 

A boxer embodies the discipline and mental strength needed to thrive in competition and in your daily life. Every member is trained as though they are preparing for competition. Our method is designed to bring out your inner athlete - we all have one within.

If you have aspirations of becoming a champion boxer or simply to train like one, we have a program for you. Men, women, and children (starting at the age 8) are invited to join our Dyme team. We'll see you in the ring. 


our classes.

We offer a variety of boxing and fitness workouts to improve your endurance, strength and coordination. Whether you're training for a fight or to level up your fitness - we got you.

 1-hour of intense training that teaches the art of boxing. Your body and mind will be conditioned to perform under pressure. Training like a boxer doesn't require the participant to spar or compete. Although sparring or competing may not be the ultimate goal, training with a purpose helps ensure the best results.

F.I.T. is designed to improve the boxer's cardio, endurance, and strength. It is a high intensity 1-hour session that complements boxing training. This consists of circuit, strength, cardio, and body weight exercises.


boxing solves everything


Are you ready to sacrifice who you are for what you will become?

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